What I Do …


As a John Maxwell Team Member and DISC Behavioral Consultant my goal is to ADD VALUE TO PEOPLE. My focus is CREATING SOLUTIONS to help individuals, families and organizations close gaps from where they are to where they want to be. As a consultant, trainer and speaker my programs are designed around:

  • Leadership Development
  • Team Development
  • Sales Teams
  • Speaker Training
  • Behavioral Assessment Tools
  • Marriage & Parenting
  • College & Career
  • Student Brilliance Program

Take your life and your team to the NEXT LEVEL.

Lunch and Learn

Ninety minute sessions on specific topics usually while your team or organization enjoys a meal together. These teaching topics are usually about 45 – 60 minutes in length.

  • Leadership Development
  • Team Development
  • Sales Teams
  • Motivational Topics

*Lunch and Learn is a coined phrase, these sessions can be hosted any time of day.

Coaching Services

I offer coaching services on business and personal levels. The coaching process addresses specific personal projects, business successes, general conditions and transitions in the client’s life, relationships or profession by examining and discovering obstacles or challenges and choosing a course of action to make improvements. This can be done virtually or in private meetings one on one.

Workshops and Seminars

Workshops and Seminars are customized to meet each organizations and groups specific needs. Workshops and Seminars are held from a few hours in length to multiple days. Various topics are available:

  • Leadership Development
  • Team Development
  • Sales Teams
  • Personal Growth
  • DISC Behavioral Insights
  • Family Focused – Marriage & Parenting
  • College & Career Focus

The Leadership Game Facilitator

The John Maxwell Team Leadership Game is a comprehensive game based on the teachings of John C. Maxwell. The game helps organizations improve their leadership intelligence and increase their effectiveness. The game is played during a 2 hour session with your team or organization. Offering this in a team building environment adds value to your organization immediately. There are three versions of the Leadership Game to choose from.

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Sales

Student Brilliance Program

The “Student Brilliance Program” is designed to increase the Emotional Intelligence of students to expand their learning capacity, whether they are in a virtual or traditional classroom. The program helps identify how they are wired, how they learn and think, highlighting an understanding of what’s important to them. Discovering their uniqueness

and potential increases their self-worth, which directs them to manage behaviors, improve relationships, and enjoy their learning experience.

This program is segmented into two age ranges.

Depending on the maturity level of the student, some can take the level up on the assessment.
Benefits and Highlights of the Student Brilliance Program include:

  • Create optimal study conditions
  • Recognize different learning and thinking styles
  • Discover motivators, strengths & gaps
  • Develop effective study & test-taking skills
  • Identity & strengthen communication skills
  • Appreciate diversity
  • Set ideal goals
  • Choose a fulfilling career

Online Study Groups

Utilizing online technology I hold virtual classes on personal development topics as well as spiritual growth. These classes typically run for 6-8 weeks and are 1.5 hours long. You would need a computer with a webcam and internet connection or a phone with these tools to join.

Speaking Engagements

Need a keynote speaker for your event or area organization? Email

I Promise You the Best

I am the mother of seven amazing children, five of which are adopted former foster children. My husband Alan and I are passionate people that believe in adding VALUE to others by giving and teaching. We have served in leadership roles in our church for many years, I have held leadership positions in my job and am now taking what I have learned to reach others. The John Maxwell Certification Program has given me the opportunity to learn and grow as a leader and launch my business teaching others those same values, what I am passionate about and what we have learned throughout our life experiences. I look forward to speaking with you soon to share those VALUES!

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